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About StrongWomen:
The StrongWomen  program is an evidence-based strength training program developed by the Friedman School at Tufts University. Its primary objective is to help communities nationwide implement safe and effective strength training programs for midlife and older women.

Who should attend trainings:
* Professional and community leaders who are working with a non-profit and are interested in the fields of public health, nutrition and exercise or wellness should attend.

* Potential program leaders should be regularly lifting weights/strength training, be in good physical health, and be able to collaborate with local agencies or organizations to provide the StrongWomen program in their community.

"StrongWomen Across America"

Tufts University launched a major cross-country tour with the goal of improving nutrition and physical activity across the nation by mobilizing a grass roots ‘social network’ movement within local communities. The team worked closely with existing StrongWomen ambassadors in eight states to establish Change Clubs -groups of women who come together to target action steps, large and small, to change the food and physical activity environment in their own communities. Montana was one of these eight states, with stops in Choteau and Great Falls.

Change Clubs: "Change Yourself Change the World" 

Change Clubs are the main organizing element of the StrongWomen Across America. Their goal is to develop a national network of women who are united by a collective effort to improve lives by making healthy food and opportunities for physical activity more accessible. By harnessing the power of women who have gained strength, knowledge and motivation to lead healthy lives, participants can advocate for community-level change benefiting the entire community. Online Change Clubs are provided with tools, tips, resources and social networking to create change beyond the limits of geographical boundaries and distances that separate American communities, with the goal of having national impact. By working together with women in Change Clubs across the country, we will be able to realize the tag line - "Change Yourself, Change the World".

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